Day 40: Another Surprise and Delight
So I definitely needed to go to Wal-Mart to be prepared in case of a flat tire next time. Hopefully I'll never have to use any of the stuff I bought, but I figured I had my training on how to fix a flat was complete and I was on my own. Besides, God is itching to show me other surprises.

I also picked up some fresh garlic and my favorite travel snack/food. Lance's Peanut Bars. They are packed with protein, carbs and fat, and they taste so good. Each bar is less than 300 calories and lasts me 4 to 5 miles. I start the day off with my Juice+ capsules, which provides me 12 servings of fruit and vegetables.  

But before I got to Walmart, I stoppedat Burger King for breakfast. The manager read my flier and decided I can use some free croissanwhiches and coffee. 

I must have gone maybe a mile, when a gentleman on the side of the road stopped me and asked me how far I was going. I told him I was going to LA. He said he can't give me a ride that far, so I had to educate him. He read my flier and offered to buy me lunch instead of the ride. I thanked him and said I had just eaten a good breakfast an hour or so ago. He gave me cash to buy the lunch later. An hour later, while I was resting in the shade someone else stopped and handed me a submarine sandwich and took off.

It was a long, up and down, up and down trip into Phillipsburg where I was expecting a truck stop, because the map said there was a travel center there. 

We'll, the travel center was actually an information center. So went in to get the information about where might I be able to find a place to sleep or camp for the night?  How about the somewhere behind the building? They'll be gone by 7 pm and they don't mind if I did that. There was someone else a few days ago, who came by on a bike and did that.


I found a nice concrete block behind the building and asked if I can use that. Sure, they said, and you can use the electric outlet there to charge your phone if you'd like.  Awesomeness! 

I spread out my tarp and rolled out my sleeping bag. Secured my stroller so that it doesn't roll away and waited for Terry to call. He texted me a phone to call to get on his show on the Blog Talk Radio.

We talked for about an hour. He asked questions that his listeners were typing in from around the world. At the end, I asked if I can plug in a Shameless Self-promo? I told the audience that if they found value in my contribution, and if they are called to do so, they can make a contribution to my project. No amount is too small or too big.

Terry announced that he will buy me a dinner and pay me $100 for my time when I got to Marshfield, that he would drive the half hour from Lebanon and meet me there when I get there. He has since made good on his promise. Thank you, Terry.

Sleep is sweet knowing that you have made a difference.

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