The floor on the shed was very comfortable and I had a good sleep. When I came out of the shed, it was getting light. I went by Summer Fresh but they weren't open yet, so walked 3/4 of a mile to Hannah's General Store and got some breakfast and coffee before getting back on the Route 66. My goal was to walk the 12 miles to Marshfield. This portion of Route 66 is narrow and doesn't have a shoulder which makes it challenging, not only for me, but for drivers as well because the up and down hills make it difficult to know at times, if it is safe to move into the opposing lane to have enough distance for safety. I was hugging the weeds at the edge of the road. A police SUV arrived from the opposite direction. Someone had called about a guy who might be endangering a child's life by walking down the highway. We had a conversation and I explained to him what I was doing. As he left he said that if I need anything I reach the highway patrol by dialing *55 on my cell phone. Later on a gentleman stopped and offered a ride. I thanked him and gave him my flier. He and his wife were waiting for me, a few miles down the road when I passed their home. They had some cold water and crackers for me. We talked about God and our faith and then parted company with a gift from them to help me on my journey. I arrived in Marshfield around 2:30 and freshened up at a restaurant. Sure felt good to get out of the sweaty t-shirt and into a clean dry one. Later on in the evening Terry called and we went out to eat and he made good on his promise to pay me for appearing on the show. Marshfield Rotary Park was the destination for the night and the pavillion at the park provided shelter for the night. #FeelingBlessed #WalkingRoute66