Classic Kajabi is closing down.

I've been thinking about transferring my projects from Original Kajabi to New Kajabi since it came about. Now I have the impetus.

They (Kajabi) posted an article to explain, which you can read here, and what struck me was not what the Kajabi team had to say but how their clients responded in the comments below.

My first thought was for the team. How do they stay 'positive' and 'helpful' when people are so publicly criticising rather than asking for help? My next thought was to offer Kajabi a program which these complainants might find useful, on the wisdom (and wonders) of not knowing.

A program that might awaken them to the awareness already available to so many as philosophy but obviously not as practice, which meets each moment as sacred. A program to experiment with the recognition of 'change' and 'challenge' as labels that separate the sacred from itself AND the conversation that allows such a recognition to be something else.

"What would it be if it wasn't a problem?" might be the first question to contemplate. Although some introductory notes might be required to set the mood.

"How can I know this as sacred?" might be the second, and third question, seeing how likely we are to object or divide the world each time we are asked to include all that is in one sacred moment.

Just a thought.