DAY 5! a little brecht music...
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hello dears....

day 5 of the 12 days of AFP-NESS is comin at you.

i had another video post ready for today but need to say more about a longer blog, so i'm shifting things around and giving you....


honestly how can you go wrong with a lost recording of a brecht cover at a teeny theater in NYC? this was taped during the evelyn evelyn tour.

i've been a kurt weill and brecht fan since i was 15, when my dear stepfather john gave me a dagmar krause collection of kurt weill music.

this is one of my favorite brecht/weill songs of all time, from the threepenny opera, and i merged a few translations from the german (which i also know and sing when i play this sucker live in germany) and changed a couple of the lines to suit me better.

someday i have to do the german collection recording...if you're in berlin, i'm serious.

i'm having a small existential crisis at the moment about the state of the world and my place in it and i think spending time not making art is harder than i thought.

how are you?