Day 57: a cold start and a close call.
For the first time since leaving Johannesburg we woke up to windy, cold and damp weather. We set off at around 8:30 and were straight back into the traffic, roadworks and headwind that we finished with yesterday. Around 15km into our ride with the Jeep behind us, Camilla stopped suddenly for a truck that was about to pull out into our lane. Warrick hadn't noticed the sudden stop and touched the back of Cam's bike and went down, falling right toward the slowly turning wheels of the large truck. With some loud shouts and quick Tarmac movements he escaped unscathed except for a few minor scrapes. It was a close call though, and a realisation how quickly an accident can happen. The rest of the ride went quickly however we didn't have the best conditions with us having to manage detours as a result of the roadworks, which are so rutted that your whole body shakes, fillings fall out of your teeth and your organs rearrange themselves internally. Large cargo trucks and busses which also use the detour unsettle huge clouds of dust that cover you and eliminate all visibility for about 15 seconds. We arrived 4 hours after leaving Makambako at the Ngwasi sailing club. The club is a simple house type structure on a large lake with 2 long drop toilets and a shower heated by a donkey-boiler. Besides the caretaker we are the only people here.