Day 6: 10 Days To 100 Patrons
Hello friends,

I just wanted to give my insiders a daily update about this 10-day pledge drive I'm doing :)

Today is day #6 of my Patreon pledge drive. I'm currently 44 patrons strong with 4 days to go! My goal is to reach 100 patrons in 10 days, so every day of this 10-day pledge drive I'll be honoring each album I've released over the years...

"Up & Away" was album #6, released back in 2006. I was ready to bring some bigger production back into the mix and was on kind of a jazz kick at the time, so many of the songs on this album have a jazzier vibe. But I was also starting to take my relationship with Glen Nadeau much more seriously (aww) and songs like "Hang Around" were born (which is still my most requested song to date). Eric Shoe & I made a music video for "Hang Around" (which made a big splash on LOGO TV), and "Light Don't Shine" was featured in Paste Magazine (compilation) that year... 

Fast-forward to 2017... My forthcoming Live From The Chapel album & video "rockumentary" (due out in December!) will be my 10th album release, which is why I'm honoring each album throughout this 10-day pledge drive!

10 albums is a lot of music, and patron support like yours has made it all possible!

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this album: Steve Holt, Lisa Piccirillo, Rose Lucas, Lane Gibson, Charles Eller, Aaron Cowan, Todd Gevry, Tuck Stocking, Martha Colby, Seth Barbiero & Mike Zimmerman!

Yours in music,


PS- Please join me tonight live on Facebook for the third of five (5) live web concerts this week (Oct. 17, 19 & 21)... I'l be performing songs from album album #5 (Stark) and album #6 (Up & Away) tonight! All shows are at 4pm PST / 7pm EST and you can check my show dates page for more details.

PPS- Just a reminder that I'll be posting daily for the next 10 days in honor of my pledge drive, and then I'll be back to more of a monthly schedule ;)

PPPS- I'm in the home stretch with the new live album & video, so I would love for you to consider increasing your monthly pledge this month... Remember, you can modify your monthly pledge at any time, and your support is tax deductible!