I'm still muddling my way through how to present this and if it's going to be of value in this forum.

This week I chose to post the batch on Monday rather then sully the weekend vibe with "art & the business of" posts. Instead I'll flood you with three in one and see what you say to that. >__<

 Day 6 Mentoring yourself. Learning how to teach is one of the most valuable tools you can have. There are so few people who can learn efficiently and even less that can teach effectively. But everyone who ever starts to do a thing, or learn a thing, start with failure regardless of who they are (i’ll get into the topic of failure another day). Go out learn everything you can about the creative arts and one of the common threads you will see in art is collaboration. The best way to work well with others is to first understand how they work and what they want and need from the process out of you. Getting good at articulating those needs to others is key to getting what you need out of them. 

There are fancy schools and systems, that talk about our differences, from management methods and work styles to learning styles and teaching methods. If you want to get really good at art then learn this stuff–even on a cursory level–as it relates to everything that we do even in how we inform our audience, about the work we care so much about. It is always an ever changing beast the only way to keep up is to learn to constantly refine and evolve as you go. But I’ll ask you this parting question. If know one is there to teach you, who is going to teach you to teach yourself? 


Day 7 Start failing! Failure and rejection are really important to get used to if you want to succeed, I’m not talking about resilience although, that is part of it. In this case I mean, in order to succeed, you need to be aware of where failure is. Know how to measure it and use it to guide you toward success so that you are not doomed to repeat the same failure. The more you work at a thing the more you fail, until you start to succeed. 

Even part of how we look at success is looking at how much of a goal is achieved and with this usually nothing creative is so singular in intent as to say it had only one goal.  

Not from a portfolio viewing to a feature film. Each are full of elements of success and failure in achieving one intent or another. Try to look at the percentiles failure in a thing that was considered a run away success and you will see that failure is part of the absolute and it’s something you can use to learn from, or grow from, or adapt to, or work with, but it isn’t going to leave you alone so might as well accept it and move forward.

Day 8 - Think about Monday. I watch a lot of my friends revel in the freedom of the weekend only to get destroyed by the reality of Monday morning. They always wish they could live like I do. But even as a self-employed artist you need to create some sort of structure (however loose) or nothing gets done! I work a normal week and try to give myself the weekend off to rest and relax but with the understanding that Monday is still waiting for me at the end of it. Because in the back of my mind, somewhere in the world it’s still Friday as we stretch on into Saturday, elsewhere it’s Monday already while it’s still Sunday here, so I know somewhere there is someone working with the same intensity I normally do, even as I rest. Maybe longer and harder even, so the only way to responsibly to yourself is to give yourself two or three times as much work.

More tomorrow!