Day 6 Journal – #DareToBeKind October Campaign
We have now arrived in Houston! What a super day for raising awareness for our campaign. Here's what happened.

I had an interview with Portada SA with Brenda Jimenez on Univision.

Brenda is a wonderful host who not only put this on the news, but she did an entire segment on bullying in Spanish. Now, I was a little nervous as I hadn't practiced my Spanish in a while, but Brenda said I did well, and Bobbie did too (even though Bobbie did not understand a word--ha!).

We recorded two interviews. A short 2-minute segment that will air tonight or tomorrow morning on the news that covered the basics of my campaign. The second interview was in-depth and covered a broader range. I was able to talk about why I am so passionate about stopping bullying. So I recounted my adoption, growing up as an outcast, etc. And then we again recapped my 4-step kindness program. --All of this in Spanish! I promised to practice my Spanish so that I will be even more fluent on upcoming shows. :)

Sad story I heard today was about a 16 year old boy committed suicide in San Antonio last year due to bullying. The host mentioned the boy came from an affluent family, which shocked everyone. I replied when it comes to bullying and suicide, there is no discrimination. It can happen to anyone. That's why this is month is so important! Stay tuned for the segment clip. I'll post it as soon as it's out.

Tomorrow, we have a potential TV spot in Houston and a long list of schools where we plan to go by, shake hands with the principal, and donate I Can Find My Might to the school library.

Today is the last day with Bella on the road. She has reached her tolerance for days spent in the car with us, so Bobbie will take her home tomorrow. I will miss her, but life on the road is rough for a little pet. :) I'm glad she will soon be very comfortable.

Talk to you tomorrow. And until then, find a person close to you and #DareToBeKind. You have power to brighten their day!

GABRIELA VAN RIJ [pronounced “ray”] is a speaker, author of 3 books, & activist for kindness who has been seen by millions on Dr. Phil, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. During October National Bullying Prevention Month, Gabriella will be hitting the road and speaking at schools across the US with her anti-bullying 4-step program. Blame is not the cure. Action is. End bullying. Follow the campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook, or learn more here.