Day 7: The ACP
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to day seven! Today we'll be discussing another major faction in the game, the A.C.P.. The Atlas Confederation of Planets is an organization formed with one goal in mind, the collapse of the United Colonies of Earth. Seeing the U.C.E. as nothing more than a mere oppressor whose care rests only with profit margins and not actual people, the A.C.P. rose up to battle this corporate force. Led by an enigmatic man named N.D., the A.C.P. quickly gained a following with workers in the middle colonies and quickly rose to be one of the most powerful military forces in the known galaxy. The A.C.P. focuses on using guerrilla tactics against the U.C.E.-- to great effect. As for development news, right now we are having a writing and art jam in Google Hangout-- come check our artist Matt and Writing Lead BlindCaesar blather away! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more amazing updates!