Had a really crazy night last night at Live Fact yesterday, as always. I live a pretty crazy life really. Not like the norm. Not planning to be a norm anytime soon. Some who knows me still find my comics and I have a little separation. Like my comics doesn't justify the way I truly am. I realized that too. But I guess this happens quite normal to artist/writer/filmmakers, bringing their personal lives into the fine line of unification with their art. I'm slowly getting there I think, that fine line, the finesse. But I would love to experiment more, putting more of myself into my works, more truthful; conceptually, mentally even physically. It would be my pleasure to spill as much of myself into the pages for you patrons.

Here at Patreon allows me to. Some days I'm glad that it's still pretty private among ourselves, 44 patrons. I cannot imagine how awkward it would be to write for 1000 patrons. Or even more!

I'm happy where we are now, where I'm allow to make mistakes and sometimes to be a little gritty and dark. Works and words here would be more closer to my heart as compared to my commission works or 'public' works.

I wish you guys are as glad as me that you are all here.

Thank you for staying tune and I wish you guys a wonderful Saturday evening. I sure hell know I am, the legendary punk band of Malaysia, Carburetor Dung is playing tonight at Live Fact, it's gonna be a crazy-crazy-wild night!