Day 8
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Day 8 and an original song while trying to keep my posture right.

The lyrics (self-written uh-huh)

Sniegi sniga putināja garām logiem
Tur no loga lūkojās vientuļš bērniņš
Skaitīja tas sniegpārslas garām slīdošās
Piena baltās debesīs likās pelēkas x2

Atpakaļ tas neskatās ausis aizspieda
Atpakaļ tas neskatās ciešāk aizspieda
Gaidīja tas klusumu un beigas x2
Sniegpārslas tik slīdēja pelēkas x2


Snow was snowing and whirling by the windows
A lonely child was looking outside
It counted the snowflakes that passed by
In milk white sky they seemed gray x2

It didn't look back and pressed ears shut
It didn't look back and pressed them tighter shut
It waited for silence and end x 2
Gray snowflakes kept sliding past x 2


The child is not he/she/they, but it, because that's how much power children actually have. None. Yet children are shamed into believing they have power - that it is their fault, that they could have done something, that they could have... changed something. Yet in truth that is not the case.

I resent those child power movies where children can actually do something - change something, save the day, when in truth, in their own homes, they are locked in a prison they didn't choose to be in.

If anyone even reads this description, they might be all 'no no no, a child can go and volunteer and brighten days of others, they do have some power'. Yes - and that's the only power they have and even then they can only help those who are willing to receive this help.

To many children, though, the idea that they have power kills them from the inside, because it was their fault they got beaten, because daddy misunderstood something. Yet daddy won't be punished for it... and the child has to choose - a life in a home that is poisoning them from the inside or a life in an orphanage that is even worse. And a child grows up believing they are at fault for everything, when all their life they never actually have the power of influence, but only responsibility for other's mess-ups.

Art and animation by me.