So I survived the first festival. I've to be living around this state for another week. Yes, I've scored myself two gigs within this area, through hustling and contacting the right person in charge, I've saved myself a budget of travelling down here for an additional gig. I've saved myself some money. My mom always say that I'm a bad business man (which i am), but here, I've yip-pee-dee-yai-yay, i've got my government to support my living as a comic workshop teacher.

Can you imagine that I'm the core inspiration for future autobiography graphic novelist of Malaysia :) That's my least contribution to the country! Anyway, here are some pictures of works; mini comics produced during  this weekend of festival #iskarnivalkool which I've proudly conducted;

I couldn't typed at each picture to describe them, but anyway. the first picture above is sister and brother working on their own comic, and the following is the space where i was given to conduct the comic workshop, I know, nothing much to see with the picture, which I've taken only when everyone has left the place, and I'm still drinking there with some friends. And then pictures of everybody's work that has been produced during this weekend.

I'm fuckin tired, my eyes are killing me, I'm hoping this horrible post typed while I'm semi drunk and tired won't.. well-anyway, till tomorrow..another long day, far away from home, sigh...


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