Interesting day. Hung out with a single-mom and her wonderful child.

I told my single-mom friend that how cool it was that she brings her child everywhere she goes, and I'm definitely sure when he grows up, he will continue to hang out with her. And she replied, 'Well-you never know.'

That line, reminded me of what a new friend had just told me, that he 'used-to' be best friends with his mom who would bring him for drinks and hung out, and then something happened.

I hung out with my mom a lot too. Mainly because dad is always not around, sister is overseas, and brother just started a new relationship. When I was a kid, she would bring me to work and I would just hung around the mall till she closes her shop. And then we would have late night drives home, and sometimes we would stop for supper. Thinking back now, those days felt so much like a ritual, hardly any words spoken, we just routinely did what ever needed to be done to survive and live.

All these recent reflections had made me consciously realized what a team I am with my mom and that I should cherish and embrace it even more, that life can be 'you never know.'

But now if you do, please do try and spend some time and hang out with your mom and remember those days when she had you with her, cause it's definitely wasn't easy.

And because now reflecting at my single-mom friend, I'm sure she wouldn't mind hanging out with her child when he grows up, needless to say your mom?

Best and cheers, and don't forget to have a wonderful weekend!

It's all sunshine!


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