Day 84
Was at a music show yesterday by a girl who traveled Europe and Middle East for 180 days. She talked about her travels, and all her experiences reminded me of mine. She mentioned something about meeting someone who you are attracted to and click so well, yet knowing that they are travelers that there will be no future in the relationship, so she decides not to give anyone her contact. I wished I've thought of that, and I wouldn't have carried so much baggage home! :D But anyway, I'm glad I had those relationship with those friends that I've encountered with and not so much regret, except some which I wished I've put in more effort. Sigh.

It's really interesting to have found someone in Malaysia that had shared the same views and experience you had. Especially the views of traveling and post-traveling. I've been going through these side-affects of post-traveling. How do you recover? How do you adapt? If you start bringing up conversation sharing what's out there and comparing them being here, people might misunderstood that I'm showing off my experiences and accused me of bringing down Malaysia. But that's never my intention. I love Malaysia. But I also love traveling.

So I hardly dare to share these days after been scorned by friends. Some just don't like to hear what's great out there and the reality of what's bad here. All these open conversations I never had the chance to talked about, no one that I can share my views with, it takes one who had traveled to understand the dilemmas of being home. You like to be home, but yet you misses being out there. And when you are out there, there are times you really wish you were home. And then that's the question of the concept of 'home'? And then 'relationship', what does relationship means justifying with all these encounters of people during the travels? Is it the space and distance, culture, race, age, even genders that separates us? Yet the ones close to home, we choose to be with, due to conveniences?

Her show did awake the artist side of me of questions of chapters in my life that I haven't fully tapped or shared through my art. That I should be making them soon before it wears off. And usually that's the case, I'm a little slow in adapting my life into my works. Current projects that I'm working on is always a few chapters behind. As you can also tell from juxtaposing my daily logs and comic strips, they are not concurrent; logs come first, then comic strips.

Conclusion, her show was curated pretty well (i believe she does it by herself too), packaged and expressed clearly of her personal experiences, which most artists would be envious of her capability to be able to do so. I am in this case. Salute. Check her out here: STRAW