Day 9 Odell to Pontiac
The picnic table made a great bed. I was up early as usual and after getting some coffee and donuts, I know I need stay away from that stuff, I was on the road. It is so much better to walk early in the morning. The highlight of the trip from Odell to Pontiac was that I saw two bicyclists pedalling from the opposite side. One of them raised his fist and yelled, "Power on! Man" as the zipped pass me. I arrived in Pontiac around 11:30 AM and went straight to the police station. I asked them where can camp for the night. The lady brought me a map and showed me where the park was and how to get there. I made a note of the fact that there was a DQ on the way. Pontiac is a small town but offered some great Route 66 memorabilia. They have a bus parked behind the museum and I understand that there was a man who used it as a Mobile Domicile to get around and live in. I'll post pictures on my Facebook page. They have some great murals all over downtown and across from the bus I saw a sign that said Daily Leader. It was the local newspaper's office. So I walked in and introduced myself. A young man named Luke came out of interview me and had a recorder that he used to record the conversation. Then he took my picture in front of the above mentioned bus. These small town newspapers are hungry of stories. One drove out of town to interview me whole the other jumped at the opportunity right away. I am going to try and connect with them in every town that I go into. I am not a big museum buff, but decided to go look anyway. I wasn't disappointed. I wish there were a way to add more images to these articles. There was an old VW Bus on display with all sorts of Route 66 paraphernalia. That was my favorite. Of course there were other things and historical charts and stuff. Like I said I am not a big museum buff, but I was impressed. They even took one of fliers to add to their collection. Then I headed to DQ to get a bite to eat and catch up on my writing and posting. I shared my flier with them and they wanted me to sign it so they can have it on their bulletin board. There were a lot of kids in the restaurant, so I took out my balloons and started handing them out. And as it happens so often when I give away balloons, people give away money. So I had fun and made some money as well. Then I walked an hour from there to get to the park. I finally broke out my sleeping bag and used it as a mattress on a picnic table. It was not a very restful night. The energy of the place didn't seem right. I thought it was because it was a crowded campground. It wasn't until the morning that I realize that the spot I had chosen was in an area that was used to pen animals for shows and fairs. I must be more energy sensitive than I thought. Finally, after some meditation I was able to get some sleep, but when I woke up it was already 8 AM. I was hoping to leave early, but that's how the cookie crumbles. Tomorrow will be better.
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