Last night was great. The festival reminded me of the festivals I went to when I was in Europe. Families all gathered to watch an outdoor performance, lively people, great music, good food. Festivals like this helps to evoke the minds of people. Especially creating a new chains of artists among children.

Next day, woke up, with a hangover, walked a street bazaar. At the bazaar you could get anything from old vintage vinyl players, to old typewriters, TV, old photos, etc. I always thought bazaar like this only exist overseas. I was in one in Belgium, Colombia and England. I never thought I could experience one here in Malaysia.

So overall the whole week has been great. It felt like a reminder to me that I don't have to be overseas to enjoy cultural event like this. Malaysia is changing and moving towards becoming a more cultural state.

I like to stick around and be part of that evolution.


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