Right after Gail had her 1 hour and 45 minute conversation with Zack Knight on Sept. 5, 2016, Gail and Zack decided they needed to get him out of his semen bubble (even though it would risk his life and all those on earth) because if not, the new Antichrist Angelina Ballerina would annihilate planet earth in her bid to gain world power for Satan. The 1 hour and 45 minute conversation can be heard on the patron only video entitled "Zack Knight creates a microphone inside his semen bubble & talks to Gail on Skype". Gail wants to draw attention to this video and encourages everybody to listen to it. You only need to donate a dollar a month to be a patron and to have access to Gail's longer videos. Jesus told Zack Knight to contact Gail on Skype and she gave him counsel in this very long video about how to function in his new role as the ex Antichrist. If anything, the video is a fascinating character study of one who used to be the epitome of evil and who has now given his heart to Jesus and how Gail was able to lead him to that momentous decision.