Time to pivot. I wrote up a jit.js which starts on trying to generate a non zero amount of wasm which is massively incomplete & incorrect. I've also started on a meta language to write the wasm runtime in. I'm realizing how much I need to shed the javascript ties. I've talked before about writing the objects to be implemented in terms of a pointer into a Memory blob. I could try to gradually transition like that.. or I could start anew

So I took to benchmarking LuaDate to guide some changes to the lexer. Specifically merging the sn/ss mappings into a Map & compressing it into a Uint8Array where _string/_ident/_number are variable width tokens. Also making sure the token stream can be garbage collected. Cue regressions & last minute refactoring

So next step is replacing ast.js/bc.js with a wasm implementation. I'm considering if I suck it up & use C/emscripten for this. Nahhh