A Day in the Life
Hey Patrons!

Here's a video of me and my sister Simone busily working on a Patreon mailing (lunch break included).  I love time lapse! This is how busy I feel!

Life has been a little hectic lately. I wanted to apologize for not posting very much lately. Real estate is demanding a lot of my attention and I've been housesitting. 

Current projects:

1. The Play - if I get the grant in October, I'll be working on the play version of "The Grover Family Meeting Minutes"

2. My next zine - I'm working with my mom to organize her "Letters to The Mayor" for my next zine about Portland's housing crisis.

3.  I've been trying to focus on my health. Eating habits, exercise, and mental health.

4. My next book is going to be a Graphic novel! Subscribe to this page at just the one dollar level to get behind-the-scenes artwork, writing etc. Or, subscribe at the five dollar level to get a copy of the next zine when it comes out. 

5. More podcasts episodes coming soon!



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