A day in the (podcasting) life when nothing goes as planned
It's been awhile since I shared the ups, downs, ins and outs of producing a podcast. So here's a little inside look ...

There's so much that goes into planning an episode of Power Purls Podcast, and usually things take longer than expected. There are always some technical snags and today was one of those kinda days.

I love the medium so much and geek out on the latest technology, but sometimes that gets the better of me.

I decided it would be really cool to post a pre-recorded video interview with weaving designer, Liz Gipson today for the live video version of the podcast using OBS, which is a software that allows you to stream from a desktop computer and set several different scenes and devices. Cool, right?

Except for one thing ...

Wi-Fi doesn't work so good with. OBS and in order to broadcast, I had to hardwire my computer directly to the modem which meant I would have to sit on the floor while streaming the video, and hold the microphone and respond to comments. I don't think so!

Luck was on my side because I found an Ethernet cord long enough to allow me to hardwire and sit at my desk. Yay!

So, if you watched the latest Facebook live video today, it looked pretty seamless on the front end, but now you know there was alot of pre-video drama on the backend, just for a minute intro. Oy vey.