Day of the Dead
October is over, and so bookends a year of immense, tumultuous change for me. I'm honestly surprised how productive I've been in the face of it. As for some of what happened just this month:
  • illustrious hit version 1.0 and I'll be submitting it to the Unreal Marketplace very shortly
  • CRTify also hit version 1.0 and will similarly be up for Marketplace approval
  • Work on bringing PreDigital (a suite of analogue-era video artifacts) up to my current standards has gone fantastically and it should see its first post-remake beta release quite soon
  • My application for Persons With Disabilities status got approved

That last one was a huge weight off my shoulders and is going to mean a lot of changes in the near future, namely that I can start working on games!! Things will still be lean for me but with this news and your support I'll no longer be living on a ticking clock as my last scraps of savings run out and the threat of homelessness looms over everything I do.

Thank you to everyone who got me this far. Thank you. I literally could not have done it without your support. I'll have news on what my new projects are shortly, as well as the more significant rewards for Patrons I'll be able to offer!