It's a difficult thing, asking people for money. Especially without handing them something in return. But if I was really honest, I've spent and continue to spend my life doing things for others. Sure, I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul demanding I write, and I have a bottomless ego that craves audience approval like a gluttonous demon, but I'm still writing with an intent of giving value to the audience.

So down with the self-sacrificing schema that leaves us all broke, and huzzah for a small tip jar by the guitar case. It's going to really help that gluttonous demon to know you like me enough to pay cash...because in this crazy society, cash is food and shelter and safety, and while it is messed up that we show value with money, giving people food and shelter and safety is a sacred bond of hospitality. 

After all, you never know: I could be Odin in disguise. So please, give generously. I will.