Day One

Day One – Captain’s log 20170320

Sixteen years ago, I started a journey to go up and down the silver rail. I started employment on a path that splits my home state right down the middle. That Path is called the L&N, Long and Nasty, Louisville to Nashville. The CSX railroad. 

Today I will walk into my boss’s office and sign the paper work that will end that journey. I am nervous and scared. Thank goodness, I have the support of my wife. Thank goodness, I still have my tools; My guitar, mandolin, banjo and djembe. 

As of today, I have three supporters of this Patreon. What I am hoping will happen is that my community will get behind my dream to go down another path. I hope my community will see me fit to follow in the footsteps of people like, Anne Feeney, Utah Phillips and Pete Seeger. 

I am seeking to follow my bliss. Some folks call that following your dreams. 

I must ask myself … is it crazy to think that there would be enough people in this world who value poetry, music and inspiration to support this sort of dream? 

I must ask … is it crazy to think that I could find 100 people to buy a CD, or listen to me recite an inspired word story. Am I crazy?

The answer is no. I am inspired. This is only day one and it takes time to build support! And people are struggling to make ends meet. 

I must ask …

Will you join me on this journey? Do you want to support folk music? Do you want to support creative writing? Do you want me to keep creating, singing; telling peoples stories in song?

What I don’t want to do is put folks on a guilt trip, but, if my community wants to support art and music? They are going to have to put their money … 

Captains Log … Day One ... The journey has just begun! 

John Paul