Day Six: Purification vs. Awareness
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The rain returned yesterday, and it was a perfect day to spend in rest and relaxation. If you’ve read my book, you know that when Master M reintroduced himself to me in October of 2013 – it’s strange to think that was only 3.5 years ago – one of the first things he said to me was I needed to BE, not DO.

 Let’s just say since then, I have become a lot more accustomed to the being and now the doing is the part that feels some resistance. For example yesterday, I had to handle some tax matters. I put the business facet of SELF forth and got it done. I still felt energetically hung over from all the stimulus of the previous days, so I sat in allowance of the hazy feeling that shadowed over my existence.

 In the old days of Lauren I would have fought the haze. I would have done a lot of doing to get rid of it. If there’s something I have experienced and internalized, it is that if you relax and allow – some people use the word surrender, I don’t because it implies that there is a battle to surrender from, and I put down my sword so there are no battles left, which you can read about on the link below – if you relax and allow, all will take care of itself. It just might take some linear time to complete itself. And it did!

About three days of solitude, allowing, and self DreamWalking took place, and I woke up this morning back in the clear space, with the inner knowing everything in my body of consciousness belongs to me at this given moment. That will certainly help my writing game. Usually on these days, I don't do any writing, so that was interesting.

It seems to me the haze, the lack of clarity, could be mistaken easily as something un-pure. Purification seems to be everywhere these days. My Facebook feed was filled up yesterday with energetic reports about purification and the shamanic fire ceremony was also sold as a purification fire. How old is the concept that we, as humans, are not pure and therefore must purify ourselves? No wonder I felt the need to shower after the event. It wasn’t mine. I was feeling the sensation of being dirty from the people around me. I even saw a person bathing in the fire fumes, using their hands to ‘wash’ the smoke over them. 

Yet there is nothing un-pure about any of us. We are all made up of light, dark, and everything in between. We've all had lives as the warrior and the wounded, as the persecuted and the persecutor. There is nothing to fix, clean, or get rid of…There is integration, if you choose, and we can allow all of it, so-called pure or un-pure, whatever…

The concept of purification is outdated. In the New Energy, you are either aware or not aware AND usually it’s a combination of both AND awareness comes with compassion, an honoring of the now whatever that looks like. I consider myself an extremely aware person. However, I know there’s a whole lot out there beyond the edges of my awareness that I have not yet realized. That’s exciting for me. It’s a land of awareness to discover, explore, and play in. Not lessons I need to learn or something to beat myself up about not knowing yet. Uncharted territory lights me up inside…but I will get to that in another post.

Today, I will conclude with…Perhaps, a true facet of perceiving oneself through the lens of love is knowing there is nothing inside of you that needs to be cleaned, purified, buried, or released. Perhaps, it is knowing you are whole and complete now, no matter whether you are pleasant and positive or downright irritable and a little miserable. Perhaps self-love is a total acceptance of where you are right here, right now, without trying to change it.


Sure, most of you know this on a mental level, but is it something that is permeating your entire body of consciousness? For example, I have felt for quite sometime that there was nothing to be purified in me. However, in the past few days of relaxation, I moved this notion through parts of myself that it had not reached, parts of myself on the far edges of my awareness. That's the glory of it all. We can take concepts that we understand completely and use the motion of awareness to spread it like butter to the very edges of the landscape of SELF, which for me actually stretches the edges of awareness out even further. Like a car driving in the fog, the headlights only show you so far ahead. One has to keep driving to see what lays beyond the fog...


Tomorrow, I’m going to get more into story mode. The story includes pregnancy dreams, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and aspect integration on Mt. Sinai. I’m going to let myself get a little loose with the stories for subscribers on Patreon. Knowing that the readers truly want to be here and invest in my story-telling mediums makes me want to open up in a totally different way. So thank you, Patrons. Let’s get a little wild in the next three weeks. I hope you will participate by sharing your stories too in the comments. Starting on day eight, the only people who will be able to read your comments are those in the same space of awareness as you, so it is a safe place to share should you want to participate as well. Oh Be Ahn!