The Day The Tech Died
I started out on Patreon with the intent of shifting at least some of my work focus from work-for-hire to creator owned. 

I was also hopeful that I'd be able to supplement my income to the point I could spare the funds to replace my old tablet and be able to do digital art. Right now, I'm limited to traditional only. And it looks like it'll stay that way for a while.

The desktop computer started failing last year. More and more often, it refuses to start up right away or it locks up and crashes. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll continue to hobble along, because its my only means of scanning in and editing ALL of my work.

Last night my cell started to bug out. Any attempt to use it results in a total system lock. I can't talk, I can't text, I can't email or IM. I can't even wipe notifications without it freezing.

So today I went to back it up, thinking I'll try a reset on it after to see if that fixes things. Realized its been a while since I backed up my desktop files... so I plugged in my external HDD and started copying new files over.

Everything was great for about the first hour. Then the external made a horrible crackling sound and bugged out. The PC can still read it, but transferring files to or from the external only goes to about 50% before it crashes.

HDD failure.

So now I'm looking at spending $150 on a new external HDD... and if the restore doesn't work, at least $100 on a replacement cell.