Day Two of the Fitness Challenge!
The Story of the Dog Walking Fitness Challenge!

As everyone knows I'm getting ready to go on a series of trips. One of the things I normally do is get my pets prepared to be boarded, cleaned up for the fall, and just generally shiny up my home life before I leave it behind. ;) Upon getting my Fluffy Pillow aka Baku shaved down, it was GLARINGLY apparent that he needed to lose some weight! And I don't just mean a little. My Fluffy Pillow needs to trim down and I am just the streamer to do it!

Our goal? TO LOSE THE LOVE HANDLES! So I will be making weekly updates regarding our fitness challenge as Fluffy Pillow and I journey through the wilds of Memphis, Tn in quest of water, shade, and the elusive Burned Calorie.

The picture above is Baku just a short time into his walk on Day Two in 102 degree weather. Sucks right? Don't worry, we kept it to the shade with water bottles and he walked almost an entire 2 miles before putting out!!! I'm so proud of my not so little boy!!!

Day Three of the fitness challenge found us speed walking around our neighborhood REALLY FAST before a severe thunderstorm dropped on our heads not even 5 minutes after we got home. 5 after that our power was gone and we just looked at eachother. For the record, Baku has an AMAZING smile. ;)

Please look forward to more updates!!! ^^ And don't forget to support Baku on his fitness challenge! Thank you everyone!!

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