#day4 #30daysofvulnerability The After Myth
Today I read a blog that gonged me. It was called "The After Myth" Been there. While I never weighed that much, I hated my body and myself as if I did. I've been fighting this fight for over 28 years. I've hated my body since I was 7 and "got fat". We moved. I over-ate to deal. We all did in the family. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized living in self-hate wasn't the right way to live and I started fighting back, started re-programming myself to love myself, to know that I'm enough. I've written three songs about it. Two on the current album and one that will be on the next. I'd like to say that I'm done. Enough is enough. But it still creeps up on me now and again. While I no longer "struggle" with my weight, I dislike that word immensely, why must this be a battle? I recognize that I love myself more than ever before. No matter my weight. And that feels pretty darn good. (Check out Happy (audio), Barbie Can't Stand Up (our 1st music video), and That Much (live video) on marykaymaas.com if you'd like to see what I mean.) What about you? Where does the After Myth show up in your life? Getting that promotion, buying a bigger house, getting married, having a kid? What are you waiting for to finally be happy? Shoot...I feel a song coming on. Share your story with the world.