I was up early. Had a good breakfast, and then headed out the door. My goal was to get to 66 Pit Stop, home of the Laguna Burger. I had heard so much about it, I had to try it out, and it was about 16 miles from the motel.

The first half was the hard one. It was a long, steep climb to the top of what is known as the Nine Miles Hill. I got there around 10 AM. There is a Love's truck stop there, and I stopped to rest and buy some bananas. They are essential when you are walking long stretches. 

From there, I entered the Interstate 40 and walked the freeway for the next nine miles. I arrived at the Pit Stop around 3 pm and promptly ordered the Laguna Burger. Yes, it was as good as they claim to be. As usual, I did some work, entertained kids with my balloons and made more than enough money to pay for my meal. 

I talked to the manager, Anthony, and he showed me the spot I can use for the night. It was around 8 pm that I finally called it a night.

The next morning, I had the Big Breakfast, three eggs, hash browns, and toast. I forego the sausage / bacon option. All for $3.99, not bad. While I was having breakfast, a Policeman came in to eat. After consulting with him, I decided that the underpass at Hwy 6 / exit 126 will be the destination for the day. That meant walking on the Interstate Highway 40 for fourteen miles. 

It was mainly a pleasant trip. I did get visited by the state police to check up on my safety, because someone had called them. The lady officer gave me a bright orange tshirt as a gift. When I finally reached my destination, and was investigating the area for a suitable spot to lay down, another officer showed up. He just laughed, knowing that I was already been checked upon.

I found a nice spot and settled in. I tucked a "hot hands" packet in each of my socks, and that made fore a cozy night's sleep inside my sleeping bag, even though the temperatures were in the 20s outside.

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