Days 141 & 142
The c-store where I stayed last night was a great place with friendly staff and courteous Mgr. Unfortunately, and I learned this a little too late, you needed to step out to get any kind of signal. I was expecting a phone call early in the morning from the radio station from Lincoln, IL which never came through. No biggie.

I left Thoreau about 8:30 after getting something to eat, and meeting a group of people who are on a mission of their own. They provide clean water and solar energy to those in the rural areas that are "off grid" So to speak or don't have access to it. Their group is known as Dig Deep and they have a Facebook page. 

As I  approached the freeway, I had better connection, and I made a phone call to someone who had left me a message regarding my arrival in Los Angeles. A friend of my cousin who is PR business and wants to turn it into a media event. He gave me pointers on how I can use my recaps and Facebook posts more effectively to that end.

My goal for the day was to make it to the Flying J travel Plaza at exit 39 outside Jamestown, NM. Midway to that point I came across a couple of stores that sold Native  American merchandise, but more importantly were located at the Continental Divide in New Mexico. I spent an hour or so resting there before heading out.

My friend ByronTaylor, had been in contact with a Toastmasters club in Gallup NM, and sent me a contact name and number.  I called Dale Anderson, and he said that they were meeting next morning and would be happy to have me as a guest. I explained my situation to him and he said he was only 15 minutes away, and come pick me up and let me stay in his guest roomy and take me to the meeting in the morning and then drive me back your the travel center, so I can continue my walk. Toastmasters are a fine group of people. 

While I was at the Travel center, I called one of the local newspapers and left a message about my journey and my upcoming arrival in Gallup, NM the next day.

Thursday began very early as the Toastmasters meeting was scheduled for 6:30 AM. My status changed from a guest, to a guest speaker, and I ended up talking about "A Crazy Idea," as I refer to my TM speech about my journey. Dale had me back at the Travel center by 8:20 and I was on the road shortly thereafter. Dale had extended the offer for me stay with him one more night,once I got to Gallup. I told him I'll let him know.

About 9 30, I got a phone call and the caller identified himself as a photographer from a local newspaper who wanted to meet up and take some pictures. I told him that he can find me walking along Route 66, and that I intended to have dinner at the Golden Corral in Gallup and expected  to get there by 3:30 and he can find me between here and there.

Cable  showed up about 45 minutes later, and took lots and lots of pictures. He told me that I will be receiving a call from Laura, who is the reporter doing the story, and that the story is tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday'so edition of the Gallup Independent. I talked with Laura for almost an hour when she called later. I told her that I'll be at Golden Corral later if she had any more questions or meet up with me.

I didn't make it to Golden Corral. I  was too hungry and Golden Corral was still too far. I saw a series of fast food restaurants along the Route 66 and decided that I am going to have Chilli and Frosty, ayaz Wendy's, instead. At the same time I got a text from Laura saying to let her know when I got to Golden Corral. We decided to meet at a coffee shop near downtown, since I was no longer going to Golden Corral. 

We met around 5 PM,  and the conversation turned more towards following your passion,  multiple profit centers, and Making a Living Without a Job. Whole we were there, I got the opportunity to demonstrate all of these things to her, as I made some balloon animals for a couple of kids, and the next thing she knew was that there was a line of kids and the parents smiling and handing me money. She said, "I think you're in good hands," as she left. By this time, it was almost 7 PM, and I still had five miles to go to my final destination for the day.

I did have the choice of calling Dale and spending the night with him, but that would mean I would have to walk five extra miles tomorrow. I would rather walk five miles  through the city under city lights tonight, than tomorrow in the middle of nowhere in the dark.  My night at the Love's truck stop was better than usual, as I was offered a place to sleep in the back, instead of dozing off in the dining area. I am constantly being surprised and delighted, and as I told Laura, when you trust God, He takes care of the details. Tomorrow, I roll into Arizona.