DayTrippers Teaser: MARS
The map you see here is based on a 138-year-old map of Mars done by the famous astrologer Giovanni Schiaparelli, who was the first to complete such a map (which he revised over the years), as well as the man who first used the word "canal" in reference to the dark lines on the Martian surface (actually he called them "canali" which means "channels" in Italian - he never intended anyone to literally understand them as "canals", but those wacky Americans took the word and ran with it!)

This map will be part of an upcoming supplement for DayTrippers, about which I am being generally secretive, but you are welcome to use it for your own Martian roleplaying sessions.  It was tricky "unfolding" a Mercator projection onto the icosahedral form (to say the least) and there's a bit of distortion around the vertices and nodes of the inner tridrants, but nothing a player would notice without a high-powered telescope.

The Schiaparelli map is widely known, and was occasionally mentioned in works of Golden Age science fiction.  This is the map that would have been studied by writers like Stanley Weinbaum, H.P. Lovecraft and Henry Kuttner, as well as a young Robert Heinlein.

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