Daz Studio Iray Skin Tutorial
Making human skin look good can be very challenging. When I look at my hand, I see lots of different things. There are creases on my skin, I can see some of the veins and redness below, and the surface has many different skin-toned hues. Depending on pose, I can also see the shape of bones and muscles. If I tilt my hand and catch the light differently, the look changes.

Good looking skin need not be fully realistic. When I look at skin from the paintings of Boris Vallejo, the thing that jumps out at me is that it is many hued. This helps to create muscle definition on the body.

My goals for skin are as follows –

  • I want to emphasize differences in skin hues, which will in turn accentuate body shape and definition.
  • I want to emphasize creases and bump details on skin.

Tier 4 patrons may download the full tutorial  here.