Daz Studio Iray Sunlight Tutorial
One common way to light a Daz Studio Iray scene is by using an Environment Map. We describe how to do this in our Beginner’s Iray tutorial. Using good environment maps can help us realistically light our scenes, without too much effort.

Alternatively, if we set the Environment Map image to None, we get a set of controls for using the Iray Sun. But why even use the Iray Sun when we already have lighting goodness from our Environment Maps?

  • The Iray Sun allows us to create interesting patterns of light and shadow.
  • We have very good control of the position of the Sun.
  • The functionality comes for free with Daz Studio, so we do not need to look for or purchase environment maps that fit our scene.


Finally, it does not need to be an either-or situation. We can combine both the Iray Sun and Environment Maps to get the advantages of both, while minimizing the drawbacks when used alone. In this tutorial, we discuss how to use the Iray Sun to create images like the one shown above.

This tutorial is a special gift for July Tier 4 patrons.