DBM and pre-patch

I wanted to cover a few details on what's going to happen patch day for DBM. Mainly, that DBM will require a force update for this major patch. This was done for a couple reasons:

1. There are a significant number of class changes in 7.x which means that when I push 7.0 version of DBM it will have an overhaul of option defaults that affect user settings. For example Survival Hunter going from ranged to melee, or non shaman healers not having interrupts anymore. Etc Etc. The last thing I wanted for users was to be running 6.2 version of core for legion launch that have character data for 6.2 classes. Their default options could be screwed up. I wanted to ensure that when 7.0 ships, users get appropriate defaults when stepping into a zone for first time. That their default settings are handled by correct class tables that correctly identify roles/abilities and ideal settings are correctly set.

By ensuring that DBM 6.2 no longer functions when 7.x goes live, I make sure that users are using a version of DBM designed to handle all of this correctly. Many users don't change their settings, so it's important the default options actually make sense.

2. Certain features and code has to be pruned before going live. I really don't want users running this code on live. I carefully made 6.2 run well in legion beta true, but beta is a test environment where being less than 100% is ok. I do not accept this on live and I don't want to provide support for mods that aren't 100% because users didn't update. I put a lot of time into making sure mods are as good as they can be on live but this is only effective if users actually update them. Sadly, users have a history of not updating and then reporting issues to me or even to Blizzard. It's in everyones best interest to provide best gaming experience for user, Blizzard Tech Support, and myself, if updating for a major patch isn't optional..

I know the force disable has always been a controversial topic for DBM but it's always been VERY lenient and not for minor updates (Even more lenient in Legion).

Otherwise, DBM just prints a non disruptive chat message for updates.

Additional Notes:

1. At some point, probably on or after August 30th, the Warlords mods will be retired from DBM-Core and pushed into a new WoD stand alone package to keep DBM-Core un-bloated and Legion focused. This will NOT happen with first 7.0 version though. It will include both WoD and Legion mods.

2. My hope to have a first party voice pack ready for 7.0 launch will not happen. This will likely come in a later update. All of the voice files are being recorded by someone volunteering their time with other full time responsibilities and one must not rush perfection. That's not to say you can't just download one of the amazing 3rd party ones and see all the extra work that went in from start to finish to ensure very good voice alerts all over DBM from 5 mans up through mythic raids.

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