DBM March Update

It's been a rough month (year actually) and it just got a lot rougher. I was already stressing about support decline from covid and bfa and other stuff, but now I don't even have help with data collection. Limit has decided to end our partnership. Figured it best you heard it here first before rumors start.

Losing a partnership with  little warning and with very little time to make plans for 9.1 ptr testing (which literally starts THIS MONTH), is pretty rough. Worst part about it, i believe most of issues that still remained would have been resolved in coming months with just more time and support.

Configuration was already way easier with profile import/export string support and more features like auto profile switching based on spec/etc were in pipeline. More bar configuration/skinning control was coming in timer rewrite that's currently in testing (on top of  resolving the strange DBT errors that sort of popped up over night with no explanation), etc.

It really feels like a shame those remaining issues couldn't be resolved faster and allow them to be more satisfied with DBM. No bad blood or salt from me though. They honestly just couldn't adapt to a new mod configuration in their UI despite all the efforts going forth to make that a smooth of transition as possible. Those efforts just didn't happen fast enough (didn't have enough support to make that many changes happen fast enough sadly). It is what it is though. I wish them well in their endevours. A brand has to do what's best for their brand. I don't want to see any flaming.

At end of the day I'll figure it out, like I always do. I'll still make best mods I can possibly make, it just messes up short term plans. I had planned to spend next few days/weeks doing tons of TBC prep, maybe even on stream the progress. I know the risk of a 9.1 and TBC beta (and possibly release) overlap is massive and I wanted to really dig into TBC stuff before the retail stuff hits hard.

Now I gotta spend that time basically guild/log shopping around to find new sources of fight data and feedback so I can build mods for new raid, and then from there I'll probably do what I did before limit and update those mods off twitch vod timestamps and still have them out nearly as fast as I did with limit partnership. RIP TBC mod prep though. I'll do best I can to salvage tbc mods though, even if stuff comes very late, but retail will be fine.

I imagine public opinion of DBM is gonna take the biggest hit though, which sucks. "Oh the one guild willing to use DBM decided to dump it that fast? Clearly it's inferior" talking will start. The best part of that partnership was that the stigma that x is better than y had finally gone away when both big boss mods were used at competitive level in front fo so many, and now that it's back to being only one in the spotlight.

People are just going to have that wrongful perception again that BW is for raiders and DBM is for LFRers. Make no mistake, the Limit partnership didn't make DBM great, it already was or they wouldn't have even considered it in first place. DBM still had all the mythic fights supported at same rate as official channel BW prior to that partnership and will after it. You just won't see it in any world first race streams anymore.

Remember to make this distinction: BW (or DBM last two races) you saw on streams was NOT official channel addons. the official channel addons were only made available after kills or when logs became public, meaning DBM and BW have always released public updates nearly simultaneously regardless of what you saw the top end using. Sometimes, based on sleep schedules or whatever, one was a few hours ahead of other and that'd flip back and forth, but ultimately outside of the race contenders, mod choice genuinely doesn't matter except for personal preference. Sadly, I know people aren't gonna see it that way. Regardless of how good the mods are that I make, there will likely be a brand hit. :\

I will say this much. Things were supposed to get better after taking care of health problems and yet I'm still constantly stressing about trying to find partnerships or financial support that lasts. I can't tell you how much i hated having to spend any time trying to promote ways to support (something I'm not going to do anymore. I'm as tired of it as you all are.) or look for partnerships/logs when I'd rather be just coding amazing mods and features.

That's biggest thing i'll miss about that partnership. It allowed me to at least have one less worry. A reliable stream of data meant more time to focus on the code and needs of raiders without sinking the time I didn't have into being a raider myself. To lose a partnership now and on such short notice before 9.1 with new raid testing looming, just put more stress and anxiety on my already anxiousness of the upcoming schedule conflicts. I'll still get the job done, as I said but it's more I have to shoulder now.

TL/DR I guess is:

1. Limit partnership is no more because they didn't like change or waiting for me to make that transition easier for them (which is fair, that was taking longer than I wanted do to massively declined support thanks to a damn global pandemic). Limit are not the bad guys. They have a brand to protect and simply do what's in their best interest, even if it isn't in mine. It's just business. I don't want to see any flaming. Could that partnership been saved if not for the rough last year. Honestly, probably. But that's not DBM or Limits fault. 2020 screwed over everybody.

2. My work load just got a whole lot crappier, but I'll push through. I always do.

3. DBM TBC may have some.....setbacks (guess even in bad news can throw in a TBC pun), but once all retail stuff is sorted out I'll sort that out too.

4. Outside of literally like top 5 guilds, I'd imagine most DBM users would notice little difference in their mods.

5. More DBM features/changes coming, just not at a rapid pace. My VERY underpaid helper is still working on a DBM timer rewrite to resolve some issues, make them faster, and make them have more skin/configuration features. There just isn't any ETA on it.

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