DBZ - Goku Super Saiyan Theme
Hey everyone! I'm super glad to finally be able to share this one with you all! I wouldn't even call it a cover since it is so heavily remixed. There were some challenges I had with it, like the overall structure of the song and also the original track in general. It was so difficult to figure out the melodies and such because it is a very ambient track. I decided to scrap some guitar parts from the original since it didn't fit into my arrangement, even though I tried various ways to incorporate it. It just didn't fit the arrangement. 

I wanted to add some dialogue from the show like I usually do. There was a lot to choose from and I went back and forth between the Funimation and Kai-dub. I was trying to fit in Goku's "I am Son Goku"-speech, but I didn't want to pick a side of which dub is the superior one, so I ended up not using it at all. I originally planned to have Vegeta's death speech in it as well, but it was too much. I think I choose good dialogue lines that fitted in the end.   

I hope you all enjoy this one! :D