DC Superhero Profiles: Martian Manhunter
At long last, it's J'onn J'onzz, The Martian Manhunter! I've been ready to create this illustration for several months. I was so glad to finally have an open weekend and the time to do this personal work!

Martian Manhunter is my wife's favorite character—I think it's because of her ability to look at circumstances from an outsider's perspective. She became a fan of the character through Bruce Timm's Justice League cartoon. Can you blame her? When I told her I would be illustrating a Martian Manhunter superhero profile her response to me was, "It's about time."

This piece is dedicated to my wife Jenny, and to Diabolu Frank, the blogger behind the Martian Manhunter blog and podcast,


. The first time I encountered Frank was as a guest on the

Fire and Water Podcast

(a terrific podcast for lovers of Firestorm, Aquaman, and the DC Universe at large.) Frank completely overwhelmed me by his fast-talking exposition of the character's history. I have since come to love his guest appearances on the show, and faithfully follow Frank's own series of podcasts. He's a great podcaster and you


to respect his encyclopedic knowledge of comics.

To make this post even more personally satisfying, my Super Powers Martian Manhunter action figure arrived from eBay today! Ever since I started prepping for this piece, the character has been on my brain. I adore the Super Powers figures and used working on this piece as my excuse to indulge. What a fun way to celebrate a new DC Profile!

Thanks for your support! Since I've changed my rewards, some of you will be receiving postcard-sized prints of this in the mail!

All the best,