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DC Superhero Profiles: Supergirl
Ever since I saw the trailer for the upcoming Supergirl television show, I've had Kara on the brain. Doesn't it look amazing? I can't wait! To celebrate and manage my own anticipation, I created Supergirl's well-deserved Superhero Profile. (I may have to make shirts of this design!)

This piece received the help of internet friends Dr. Anj from and and Keith G. Baker who suggested Argo City and Kara's rocketship as iconography for the design. My original concept included Comet and Streaky. I dread thinking what I would have ended up creating without their insights. Thanks guys! The biggest problem this piece posed was whether or not to include Kara's 1980's red headband. It's cheesy and dated. In the end, however, I opted to keep it. I'm not a fan of it in the comics, but I like the way the red breaks up the yellow from Kara's hair and skin tone.

Now that I've seen my first image of Red Tornado from the show, you can only guess who I may design next!

Thanks as always for your support!