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DC Superhero Profiles: Booster Gold
So... I've been getting requests for this guy for a long time now. Coincidentally, just as I was laying down the finishing touches of this piece I checked Facebook and read the following headline: Zack Stentz is writing a Booster Gold Movie. Wow! Perfect timing! Look at us here on the cutting edge of things!

If you're a Booster Gold fan, you might consider listening to a new podcast by a friend of mine. It's titled the JLI Podcast and is based on the Justice League International series by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. I've listened to the first two podcasts and am hooked. Booster hasn't appeared yet in the series (or podcast) but I'm sure he'll be on the scene soon. You can listen to the first episode of that podcast here:

Booster Gold has a special place in my heart. Not only am I a big fan of Dan Jurgens, his creator, but I purchased my first Booster Gold comic on a childhood camping trip with a friend. At night, my friend Andrew and I would take turns holding the flashlight for each other as we read comics we had purchased from the campsite store. It's a happy memory I treasure to this day. Booster Gold #21 was one of those comics.

Thanks for all your support, team! You should all be getting Cyborg rewards soon if you haven't already! Have a wonderful week.


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