DDR Cross Stitch Pattern + Speedrun CHALLENGE!

7 months ago, I did a few 'speedruns' of the DDR arrows you see here. My personal best was 21 minutes, 22 seconds.

Today, I did another few runs live on my Twitch channel, and beat my record!

New record is now 19minutes, 59.5seconds! Just barely sub20! :o

You can watch the video here: https://www.twitch.tv/sirithre/v/114173406 
And my previous personal best: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/70405624 

So I'm uploading the pattern for you guys to try, too! Stream it! Record it locally. Just challenge yourself to beat me.  Challenge your friends! Have fun with it. :)

There are 121 stitches per arrow, and no they are not perfectly symmetrical.

That means if I finished one in 20 minutes, that's a stitch speed of 363 stitches AN HOUR! Well above my normal stitch rate of 250/hr

Rules I used:

  • Start with needle unthreaded and thread on bobbins or your normal storage.
  • No prepping thread. May RNG be on your side.
  • Split includes getting thread off bobbin, threading needle, and putting away remaining thread of the color (if any).

(See video or ask for clarification)


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