It's been a jolly busy couple of weeks at Global HQ. It looks like the busy clouds are parting a little bit now, however, and I'n getting the opportunity to hurl myself back into actual writing. Hooray!

This week, I've got a cornucopia of exciting 20 Things posts for you, including the first of the guest posts I mentioned last week!

Also--exciting news!

Stephen Radney-MacFarland Slaves Away For You!

Several months ago, I hinted that I'd managed to ensnare a well known designer to write for Raging Swan Press. Well, that person is none other than Stephen Radney-MacFarland! Stephen's been a long-term chum (he gave me my first proper break in the gaming industry over a decade ago) and I'm more than delighted to have him slave away on your behalf!

But what's he written, I hear you ask.

Stephen's been slaving away over Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr. Here's the village's blurb:

Most dwarven holds are vast and ordered halls filled with solemn and stoic craftsfolk. But that’s not Feigrvidr. Some say it’s not a dwarf hold at all, but rather a lawless mining camp ruled by dwarf thugs and ruthless agents of the ruling thane.

Founded less than three years ago by Svingal Halfbeard, the ore coming from a vale carved out of the headlands of the Titan Peaks is of the greatest purity and the works coming forth from Feigrvidr’s forges are both subtle and ingenious, rivalling that of any ordered dwarven stronghold. The great wealth coming from the foot of the Titan Peaks was only the beginning, now with the discovery of ancient and abandoned giant halls deeper in the

mountains’ spires; adventurers are flocking to the camp, increasing its wealth and its danger.

I've only just started working on Stephen's manuscript, but I'm enjoying the read immensely. With a fair following wind, Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr will be out in July.

Thank You

Thank you for your support. You've made it possible for us to offer decent rates of pay for our freelancers and I'm immensely grateful. And you've made it possible to start to ensnare name-level designers in our ebon clutches. If you've any suggestions who else I should approach, let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks also  particularly this week to Graham Campbell and David Lane who have chosen to join us recently. Welcome! 

And That's It

And that's it from the Swan's Lair this week. Have a great week--I'll see you on Friday for Village Backdrop: Silver Bluff by Mike Welham.