Dead End
Battling with the voices inside

Was more bearable when they lied

But when their jabs are based on reality

I cannot help but agree

Things I can't deny, not matter how uncouth

Because I know they are telling the truth

It becomes so much harder to fight

When I know what they're saying is right

A failure, worthless, will not be missed

Claims that should have me outraged, pissed

But they sink in and make me sad

As I accept that I really am that bad

The fight gets sucked right out of me

As I now can clearly see

My worth is simply nonexistent

In that one way, I've been consistent

There is no point, no reason why

I should continue to even try

I would just continue to fail

The effort would be to no avail

I am simply destined to lose

It doesn't matter which road I choose

Regardless of how much they twist and bend

They all lead to my dead end