Dead Men's Tales
I've been tied up with work and family issues and haven't posted much (like nothing) for a good while.  This afternoon, however, I found a few free minutes and thought I'd add a quick comment on a book in which I have a story. The collection is called Dead Men's Tales. It's had a small (tiny) surge in sales as of late. Not sure why. It has no reviews and no advertising.  Here's what's showing on Amazon as of today (5/1/2018):

 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #397,547 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

I find it curious when a book starts selling after a year of almost no interest.

My story, Skarett's Treasure, is more humor than scary, and some of the other stories are like that, too. I always get a kick when I see the editor/publisher decided to group it as occult. Technically, it is, but that description doesn't quite fit the final product.

I really like the story I wrote for this collection though I'm sure if I wrote it today I could do a better job. That's progress, I guess.  Still, I'm glad it's selling even if I don't know the reason. So, if you're in the mood for a bit of swashbuckling humor, pick up a copy. Maybe even give it a review!

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