Dead of the Brain English Release 1.00

It was 1992 and the Japanese computer game industry was worried that a backlash over and endless wave of visual novel porn games might lead to... regulation (*gasp*). One studio took it upon themselves to prove that Visual Novels could be more than just a race to the bottom (of explicit fetishes). They created Dead of the Brain, a gore filled, swinging ode to 80's zombie movies. Mashing together the half-remembered plots of Re-Animator, The Return of the Living Dead, and, for some reason, The Terminator.

Blood! Violence! Dismembered naked bodies! A plot that almost makes sense until the last 10% of the game! Dead of the Brain had it all. And now, 27 goddamn years of people being too lazy to translate this game later, you can play it in English if you download this zip file. 


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