Dead Things: Deathstroke vs Deadpool
This one's a freebie! I just wanted to share my latest digital commission with all of you. I've been holding out on creating a Deadpool piece because I'm not necessarily a fan of the character. The last few times I've tried chasing trends, the work felt poorly received. So I've decided to draw what makes me happy.

Regardless of my lacking enthusiasm for Deadpool as a character (although I enjoyed his movie) the goal in this piece was to find the element that would make me happy. In this case, it was Deadpool brandishing a swordfish as a weapon. That bit of Deadpool-like humor seemed to fit, and gave me enjoyment in the process. I also realized that, due to the composition, Deathstroke basically has his butt in Deadpool's face. Thus the word balloon. So yeah... I found ways to make myself happy. All that said... I'm very pleased with how it all turned out.

I hope to have something new for all of you again soon!

Thanks for supporting me and have a wonderful Fourth of July!