Deadlands: The Adventures of Change and Stone - Episode 4
Strap on your six shooters and grab your Stetsons, friends, because today we dive into another tall tale of those legendary bounty hunters of the Weird West, Jonathan Change and Wade Stone!The Debrief and Complete Campaign  will be released tomorrow. 

And a special note to you, our Patreon supporter, the really cool theme songs you heard in this campaign? Thanks to your support we've been able to afford to license these songs for our show. Which means that's not just any song we picked for Change & Stone, that's THEIR theme that we own the rights to. We couldn't do that without patreon and without your support, so thank you again.

brb, I want to make up a plan for Change & Stone t-shirts now...  

Terrible Warriors: Derek Burrow, Wes Gunn, and Will Mitchell

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