Deadline extended
If you know someone who writes weird fiction or draws/paints/sculpts weird art, send them to this link to submit a story or piece of art to the third volume of "Adventures in the Arcane."

We've received several stories both from established authors and new voices, but have not yet begun the reading process. And we'd like to have some more to choose from — so we're extending the deadline. It's more of an "open until filled" deadline right now, so as stories come in that fit the mix, we're likely to announce that submissions are closed.

Although our stories in this series have always contained the paranormal element, this one will tend toward deeper strangeness — cosmic horror — with plenty of two-fisted, blazing guns action.

My own story has grown to novella length (no big surprise there) and tells of an early adventure of Capt. Gideon Argo and The Flying Zombies. It takes place in 1931, two years before "The Lost Lemurians" and about five years after "The Slave Bazaar of Zanizibar," when Argo has gotten the band back together and is traveling the world to protect the innocent.

The characters of Wings and Doc are considerably different from the stories already told: Wings is not a young woman (she would join the crew in 1932), but a 30-something vet of the Great War; Doc is not the new recruit to the team but a French battlefield surgeon suffering from PTSD and germophobia.

The story takes inspiration from elements of a Robert E. Howard tale, "The Black Stone," and an H.P. Lovecraft epic poem, "The Fungi from Yuggoth." It includes two supporting characters from Mark Boss' story in "AitA" volume 2, namely Dr. Amelia Sind and her lackey, Mr. Skillingsmore.

I hope you're excited to read more, and I encourage you or someone you know to submit work.