I‘m the worst at rules I set for myself. Anyway!

The insurance finally got fixed today and so we were able refill prescriptions and my nightmare of phone calls ended. 

It‘s been raining all day and the snow transition is supposed to start anytime. Christopher and I went out to write for a couple of hours together at the public library in the quiet and stately Kentucky Room and so there’s good break time reading — in my case poetry by Maurice Manning.  I wrote 1400 words on the alphasmart and C wrote 1000 longhand and then we came home and I wrote another scene to hit my mark for the day. Tomorrow I do my level best to finish up a draft of this serial episode (when I’m near the end of something I can write more words). 

We also got to review sketches for the second middle grade today and they were delightful. Glenn Thomas gets us. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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