Never fear! I'm back to feeling confident! I shall vlog during my trip! 

I've got a friend meeting up with me for two weeks in the middle and we just booked a few hostels and all of them say they have lockers so I'll be able to lock my laptop up when I'm not there. 

And hopefully there shouldn't be too many days when I'm stuck carrying my backpack and walking everywhere.  Though I do take a lot of morning trains so I'll have a few hours of wandering before I can check in at my hostels.

But I like the idea of arriving in the each new city during daylight hours...

Also, it looks like I'm gonna be in Munich for Oktoberfest.  That was an accident.  I'm sure it'll be a really cool atmosphere but it certainly makes things more expensive.  That's where I'm meeting my friend (Andrea - she's a Patron - HI ANDREA!).  We're gonna splurge and spend a night before heading to Salzburg so we'll get to check it out.  And the new schedule means we get to spend extra time in Vienna and Budapest which I'm pretty excited about.  So.

Getting so close!