Dear David Twitter Chronicles Part 1!
This is one of our most suggested events lately, so we thought we'd cover it and give our take on the matter of Adam Ellis and his haunting. Enjoy! And part 2 coming very soon!!
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You’ll get a digital print by Nathan monthly posted via Patreon! This could be something paranormal, video game related, movie related, or kawaii AF. We give our resident baby orangutan creative

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****Disclaimer: at this time we can only offer these to residents of the


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Nathan pick one out for you. It will more than likely be banana related. (That’s what you get for not coming up with one yourself.) Once again, everything from previous tiers is included.

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Wow! Just….wow. You really really love us. You really do. You will get everything in previous tiers, plus every three months you will get to talk to the guys one on two via Skype call. 

This will be done after you have been subscribed for three months, and then every three months after. And of course, the previous tiers are all yours. 

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