Dear Friend: The Cutting
Dear Friend,

I have cut you from my life without a word because you didn't listen when I told you I was hurting. Again and again I gave you every opportunity to make things right, you gave me excuses and minimal effort. I gave you my all because I deeply cared about you. I still care, I have chosen to cut you loose for my own sanity. The cutting is hard, I miss you every moment and you never leave my mind. Time will wash away the pain and remind me that you played me for a fool when I was vulnerable.

I now realize how empty I was when we met, any bit of affection was enough to keep me yearning for more. You must have realized that too, because you only gave me enough to keep me hanging on. When I asked for more, you became defensive and cold. When I started to let go, you would give me a little more for a short time. A little more hope, promises of better times to come, empty words of desire. 

You told me you desired me, you told me you loved me. What I didn't see is the  actions behind the words. I have heard the words before, and I know that actions are the true faith. Maybe you were broken beyond repair, maybe I was wrong to think that you could move beyond your suffering.

I desperately wish you would find me, sweep me off my feet and never let me go. I dream about a day when you love me unconditionally and give me the love I deserve. I know you aren't brave enough to fight for it, you have shown me that you don't value yourself or me enough to try. That says it all - I have cut you from my life before I lose what little faith in love I have left.